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Flipkart: India's No. 1 Online Shopping Place

Flipkart is india's biggest E-Commerce site lets take example of each passing day, our world is advancing in every aspect of human life. Take eating, for example. There was a time when people used to visit restaurants and hotels with their friends and families. There, they would enjoy savory foods and quality time. But now, the availability of home delivery services is changing the scenario gradually. Now, all these people have to do is gather with their favorite people and order their favorite foods online, which will be directly delivered to your doorstep. Indeed, technology has made our lives a lot easier.

A similar case is witnessed in shopping. Any commercial activity in general or shopping, in particular, has always been a necessary aspect of our lives. Commonly, traders and marketers set up their shops and franchises in a centralized place called the market, and people would visit these places to buy what they need. But just like how online food delivery has replaced dine-in, visiting markets is also being replaced by online shopping. This online shopping is, in fact, part of a greater activity called E-commerce.

E-commerce (or Electronic-commerce) is when people buy and sell items over an electronic medium, such as the internet. The origins of e-commerce date back to the 1970s, when some students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology coined a deal to sell cannabis over the most primitive version of the internet, the ARPANET. With the passage of time and technological advances, the world of e-commerce began to grow, and today, this activity injects trillions of dollars into the global economy.


Flipkart has become a renowned name in the global e-commerce world. This India-based e-commerce venture was founded in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. Initially operating as an online book store, the platform now sells consumer electronics, lifestyle products, jewelry, furniture, smartphones, groceries, and other essentials.

In terms of its recognition, Flipkart is considered a tough competitor of Amazon and Snapdeal in India. The platform has a significant dominance over India's e-commerce industry and is well-recognized by the Indian people.


Where is Flipkart Situated?

Flipkart's headquarter is situated in Bangaluru, the capital and the largest city of the Indian state, Karnataka. The e-commerce platform is also incorporated in Singapore as a Private Limited Company.

Online Shopping on Flipkart:

Flipkart is India's leading e-commerce service. Its popularity can be assumed from the fact that the platform claimed to have around 200 million registered users in 2020. This surge in favor of Flipkart led America's e-commerce giant Walmart to buy a significant portion of Flipkart's shares. Indeed, this massive number of Flipkart's registered users and customers means that the platform has many exciting things to offer buyers and sellers.

Flipkart's overall popularity can be determined by the presence of the below-given properties, which every online shopping platform must have:

  • Ease-of-Navigation:

    An online shopping platform's website must be very easy to navigate. If customers find browsing and navigation difficult, they can quickly get irritated as they cannot find their desired product. They will thus abandon using that platform.

  • Less Loading Time:

    A good shopping website must be quick to load and display its contents. A slow website is irritating for customers, as most of them do not have enough time. If a website is slow to load, the customers will most likely start looking for alternative options.

  • Well-Designed Website:

    A good online shopping place must be designed well and attract its customers. Websites with slow, tedious, and sloppy design will again make customers run away.

  • Effective Search Engine:

    For an online website to be efficient, it must have an excellent system of searching the keywords. This will help customers in searching for their desired products smoothly. A poorly organized website will annoy the customers, as they think that the website is wasting their time. Also, sometimes, the website does not display the correct item, which is again problematic for the customer. Therefore, a good website must have an effective search engine policy.

    These and other criteria are must-haves for an e-commerce website to become a good website. Fortunately, Flipkart fulfills almost all of them.

How to Become a Flipkart Seller?

Online shopping platforms are a perfect source for sellers looking forward to selling their products online. It introduces them to a diverse audience, and if they can build their reputation, they can gain wide recognition among the general public.

A person who is looking forward to becoming a Flipkart seller can achieve many benefits such as:

  • It has an extensive reach in the Indian population.
  • The platform is highly credible.
  • Flipkart has its customer pool from all across India, and thus it can help a seller sell his products all across the country.

What does a Person Need to become a Flipkart Seller?

Becoming a Flipkart seller is quite easy. The only condition is that the product must be genuine and unique.

Documents & Requirements Needed to Become a Flipkart Seller:

  • GSTIN.
  • PAN card.
  • GSTIN/TIN number (this documentation is not necessary for few categories).
  • Bank account number
  • Supporting KYC documents (Address Proof and Cancelled Cheque).
  • At least one unique product to start selling.

Once the seller has completed all the documentation requirements, Flipkart will verify the seller's account, and he can start selling his products straight away.

How to get Registered as Flipkart Seller?

  • The person wishing to become a Flipkart seller will first register himself at seller.flipkart.com.
  • After registration, he will start listing products under the specific product category given.
  • After receiving the order, all he has to do is pack the product and mark it as "Ready to Dispatch." Flipkart's logistics partner will pick up the order and deliver it to the customer.
  • After successful delivery of the order, the seller's payment will be settled by Flipkart within 7-15 business days.

Flipkart's Opportunities for the Sellers:

Sellers adore the opportunities offered to them by Flipkart. The platform is an easy way for them to reach out to customers and make money. Especially during the times during this Covid-19 pandemic when most of the marketplace is shut down, people usually prefer online shopping, and that's when sellers see the opportunity to sell their products. But for this purpose, they must find a suitable platform, and fortunately, they have one in the form of Flipkart. The sellers consider the following properties of the platform satisfactory for them:

  • The platform charges a very meager commission from them.
  • They get to know about the constantly changing market conditions more quickly.
  • A well-structured and easy-to-navigate website.
  • Rapid response from customer care.

Tips that can Help Flipkart Sellers in Increasing their Sales:

Once a person has created his seller account on Flipkart, he will naturally want to increase his products's sales and generate revenue. Here, few tips are shared for Flipkart's sellers to improve their overall sales:

  • Use Flipkart's Ad Campaign feature for advertising your products.
  • Sellers can grab the opportunity of shopping offers provided by Flipkart. These offers are known as "spike sales". During these sales, a vast amount of buyers come towards Flipkart for online shopping.
  • Sellers should display their products in well-designed and well-managed catalogues. Properties of each product should be described clearly and in an impressive manner.
  • Images used to display the products should be vivid and captivating, etc.

Shopping on Flipkart:

Shopping on Flipkart is super easy. All users have to do is register themselves on the platform by creating an account. To sign up for a Flipkart account, users will have to enter their mobile number. After entering their mobile number, a OTP (One-Time Password) will be sent to their number. After entering the OTP, the users can set their password. This will complete the sign-up process after which they can start enjoying the best online shopping experience.